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Mar 22th, New shop is grand opening in COASKA shopping store.

Store name is "Yokosuka Gourmet Guntai" The name means Yokosuka Gourmet Fleet" The most surprising thing is the "Giant Aircraft Carrier Plate Ronald reagan ", which offers about 25 servings of Yokosuka's three major gourmet dishes on a huge plate made by processing an iron plate with the motif of the US aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" currently deployed in Yokosuka. ・ Reagan ”(32,780 yen including tax).

Curry rice (about 10 kg), navy burger (2 kg), and cheesecake (1 kg) are served on a special plate, which is likened to an aircraft carrier. I

This is a challenge menu where you can get a prize of 100,000 yen if you complete the meal within the time limit of 90 minutes by yourself, but this is a pretty spectacular big serving. If you cannot finish your meal, the regular fee will be charged. Reservation required.

Picture is in this article

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