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How to watch Japanese Baseball game from online.

Japanese Professional baseball games is starting from Mar 26th.

Sometimes I get asked how to watch Japanese Base ball games from customers. Especially now of days we can`t watch base ball games at stadium for prevent infections. So here are you best watch base ball game online.

Serval streaming service are in japan but most recommend is "DAZN" You can watch most of streaming baseball live games in japan only 1,925JPY/month. This is cheaper than compare If you go stadium. But few points are demerit to watching that registration in only Japanese menu and Live. Also if your HIROSHIMA CARP`S fan you can`t watch home game in Hiroshima carp. Another teams are you can watch on live.

They are little difficult to watch but if you have translation on the phone or friend could be help to registration successfully .

We are offering high speed fiber optic internet service via NTT to especially US military and any English speaker.

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